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Pork for Salami Making

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Order a Whole Gin Pig for salami making season! Enjoy the savings and the great taste of our free-range pork directly from our farm. When purchasing a Whole Salami Gin Pig today you are paying a $500.00 deposit, once we weigh your Gin Pig we will calculate the final price and advise of the balance owing.

Order a whole salami Gin Pig processed and pick up directly from our butcher.

Price from $5 - $10 Per kilo dressed weight

Call James 0418300394
for pricing to suit your requirements


Dressed weights of our pigs vary so we only charge you the balance when we know the weight of your pig.


1. In Six Gin Pig
The traditional breakdown for salami making season. Perfect for salami, capocollo, prosciutto, pancetta and other small-goods. Your whole Gin Pig, dressed, internals removed, and cut into six portions - Two shoulders, two belly portions and two hinds cut down the spine.

2. In Four Gin Pig
Your whole Gin Pig, dressed. Internals removed cut into quarters.

3. Half Gin Pig
Your whole Gin Pig, dressed. Internals removed cut down the backbone.

4. Whole Gin Pig
Your whole Gin Pig, dressed. Internals removed.


Select SALAMI GIN PIG and BREAKDOWN OPTION and place a $500 deposit on our online booking system.

A confirmation email will be sent to you. Our Farm Manager will be in contact within 24 hours to confirm breakdown and pick up arrangements.

Our Gin Pigs are processed Tuesday each week. As soon as we are informed of your Gin Pig dressed weight*, we will contact you and send an invoice via email with the balance due. Invoices are to be paid prior to pick up.

Pick up is to be made from Friday of the same week directly from our butcher during their business hours, up to 36 hours.

100% reimbursement of deposit will be granted on all cancellations made prior to 11am Sunday morning of the dispatching week (before we load your pig).

Please direct all queries to James 0418300394

*Dressed weight (also known as dead weight or carcass weight) refers to the weight of an animal after being partially butchered, removing all the internal organs and in most cases the head.

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