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About us

Here at Yarra Valley Berkshires we exist for one simple reason. To create the most delicious pork on the planet. And because great pork comes from the best, happy, healthy pigs we have built our business on four legs.

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Our pigs are a heritage breed of Berkshire Pigs originally from England. Famous for their premium quality and creamy flavour. We have meticulously selected our pigs pedigree to ensure only the best pigs make the Yarra Valley Berkshire grade. These happy pigs live in Victoria on our properties in the Yarra Valley, living a pampered life worthy of their world class quality.

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Having world-class pigs is not enough to create world-class pork, so we have dedicated our lives to our agricultural craft and to pushing the boundaries of premium quality pork. We focus on the details, ensuring the environmental design of our farms help to reduce stress and increase piggy happiness. Raised free-range they spend their days grazing on quality grass pasture in open paddocks able to dig and roam in a stress-free environment.

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3. We'RE ALL ABOUT feed

Great pigs, great paddocks and...
great feed. That’s the third piece of the puzzle, and we have always been obsessed with the quality and combination of pasture grass, grains, and flavour infusions. 

Combining paddock pasture with grains mixed with spent gin botanicals has led us to introduce a range of locally sourced fruits, nuts as well as our secret vegetable and herb mix sown directly into our Gin Pig Paddocks.


Just as a gin distiller experiments with flavours and aromas, it is our unique feed combination which gives our meat a flavour profile that is rich, succulent and uniquely Gin Pig.


4. We'RE ALL ABOUT Produce

It is our complete commitment to quality produce and practices that creates the complex and mouth-watering taste of Gin Pig Pork.

Our dedication to craft ensures that the combination of all the elements we put into raising our pigs are perfectly balanced. From our consistently refined grain mix to our added fruit and botanicals which naturally infuse into the pork. From our extended ageing process to the stress-free paddocks for the pigs to roam. All of these elements come together in harmony to create the succulent flavour and texture of our Gin Pig Pork which simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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