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Gin Pig Christmas Hams

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Choose from our Whole Leg or Half Leg DOUBLE INFUSED GIN PIG CHRISTMAS HAM for your 2023 Christmas gathering!

Our DOUBLE INFUSED CHRISTMAS HAM takes Christmas gatherings to a whole new level. Not only is our pork naturally infused from our combination of pasture grass, and grains mixed with gin botanicals, our Gin Pig legs undergo a double infusion, cured in a unique gin brine before being traditionally smoked in the Yarra Valley at Seville Butchers. The result is the most delicious Christmas Ham infused with the combined flavours of juniper, coriander, cardamom, star anise, lemon myrtle, and orange along with the subtle sweetness of maple syrup.

Only the best will do for Christmas.

GOLD 2022 Traditional Ham on the bone
Melbourne Region
SILVER 2021 Traditional Ham on the bone

Our heritage breed of Berkshire Pigs are famous for their premium quality and creamy flavour. These happy pigs live in Victoria on our properties in the Yarra Valley, living a pampered life worthy of their world class quality. Raised free-range they spend their days grazing on quality grass pasture in open paddocks able to dig and roam in a stress-free environment. We have always been obsessed with the quality and combination of pasture grass, grains, and flavour infusions, combining paddock pasture with grains mixed with spent gin botanicals resulting in the most delicious pork on the planet.

Full Leg Christmas Ham weight: Approx 8kg on the bone.

Half Leg Christmas Ham weight: Approx 4kg on the bone.

Whole and Half hams are wrapped in a traditional stocking and delivered in our Gin Pig ham bag.

Delivery: Delivering 50km radius from Seville, Victoria the week prior to Christmas. VIEW MAP

Pickup: Pick up from Seville Butchers, Shop 2, 585 Warburton Hwy, Seville, Victoria (next to Woolworths) by appointment (03) 5964 4593

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